Walk in Shower Bathroom for Elegant Home Design

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Floating Vanity Also Frameless Mirror
Floating Vanity Also Frameless Mirror

We want to tell you about this Elegant House which applies walk in shower. This house may make your life complete because of the elegant feature that is offered in the house. This house is located in Mexico and came with the elegant and the warm effect. The house also came with some windows that can bring the light inside.

This house is actually a single volume house which has 3 stories inside with the rectangular shape. This house came with Elegant House Plans for bathroom interior with walk in shower bath and a clean white color which will make you wonder what is inside. The house came with a small garden outside and is enough for this house. In the first floor of the house came with living room and the dining room next to it with the same design.

The house also came with the family room which is really good for your family to gather around. The kitchen in the house came with an exclusive feature which is placed in one special room. This kitchen is pretty great with black color in the kitchen cabinet and the clean white color in the wall which makes it looked contrast. Thanks to the wooden material used in some parts in the kitchen cabinet which makes a warm atmosphere. You will understand more about the design and the interiors after looking at some pictures in the site.

There is a transparent window with some vertical holes on it which can make some air come inside the bedroom in the second floor. This window can be opened and closed easily, when you want an open architecture, you can simply open it up. When you want more privacy in your house, you can simply close it. With the metal wood combination and walk in shower glass of Elegant House Walkthrough will bring a good effect here in the master bedroom.



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